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Black Bridgerton Brunch

Hundreds Unit is at it again, and we are bringing the BLACK BRIDGERTON BRUNCH TO THE GOLDEN 1 CENTER!


BLACK: It’s Juneteenth OPEN TO EVERYONE, & we are celebrating the black queen!👑


BRIDGERTON ATTIRE THEME: when 18th century marries 21st century🕯


Brunch: Outdoors on Golden 1 Center grounds🥂🍽from 10am-1pm


There will be music, entertainment, and great FOOD! E.V.E.R.Y seat will be VIP but only 75 spaces because you will be among ROYALTY! Therefore, get your tickets NOOOOOOW!😳🤭


We will be delivering artistically the history of Juneteenth! Prior to this day we will be honoring local black women and their contributions to the Sacramento region! 


Getting up, close and personal, the question of the day is WHY DID’NT YOU QUIT!?🤔 WHAT KEPT YOU GOING!?😮 To NOW occupy your position! Wanna’ know how to capture YOURS??



EVERYONE WILL LEAVE RENEWED & EMPOWERED from the testimonies the sistars to be celebrated, share THAT day!


Dress code is ALL HUES OF BLACK, brown, bronze, & beige!


Our hopes is that you will revisit that dream, continue through the struggle to capturing that vision, or start that that you’ve contemplated birthing!


We also encourage All races & genders to attend so you  learn about the black woman FROM BLACK WOMEN!

OH & did we mention Hundred's Unit will be setting the atmosphere?! Oh you ALREADY KNOW!




Hundreds Unit, BABY!🔥🔥