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It’s the Hundreds Unit, new season’s ICE BREAKING, POP UP UNIT, the RIVER CATS‼️ ONLY $20😱

We’ve got an exciting season ahead!🔥New and unique opportunities made just for YOU!👊

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the upcoming seasons schedule! But for now, we’ve GOT to start with a BIG BANG,💥and get our minds, bodies, and spirits ready for what’s to COME!😉

On Saturday August 31st, we will saturate the Raley’s Field campus and turf with Hundreds Unit supporters, whether you have joined us before or not! To celebrate the beginning of the Hundreds Unit season, and the closing of the River Cats season!

We invite ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY, of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and gender, for a fun filled celebration catered to Hundreds Unit!

We will STRUT THE FIELD, & CAMPUS, as part of a preliminary performance, then we meet the Hundreds Unit new H’CORE team (not yet announced) on the field for some impromptu ZUMBA! YUP! ANYONE can join and just follow along!

You can attend Venetia’s classes for rehearsals (see schedule below) for a glimpse (Hiphop, Salsa, Afrobeats styles) of the choreography to be performed, or just simply show up performance day and follow along on the field before an audience of HUNDREDS!💯

We have SO MUCH in store for YOU 8/31 and the season ahead! And we need your SUPPORT because you KNOW we are doing it BIGGER & BETTER right⁉️⁉️

Please click the link below and purchase your ice breaking priced tickets at $20 a piece!👏

‼️EVERY ticket purchase is a raffle entry to win a Unit swag fanny pack, with bracelets and goodies. And ONE☝️winner a FREE UNIT!😉

Pre-game celebration events begin at 6:00pm so get there early!!!



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