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Dear Hundreds Unit Member,


The following terms are applicable to ALL individuals who register and participate in events hosted by The Hundreds Unit.  All event participants must read and understand these terms and conditions prior to registering to participate in a Hundreds Unit Activity.



  • Registration to participate with The Hundreds Unit is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-transferable.  There are no exceptions. Please inquire about potential concerns prior to purchase.

  • Hundreds Unit tickets/registrations are reserved for participants and their guests only! Should a registrant drop out without sufficient notice (3 weeks), Hundreds Unit reserves the right to resell the ticket should it be a sold out event.

  • Hundreds Unit participant-tickets are discounted to performers. If a participant opts to forego performing without a valid reason as determined by The Hundreds Team, the participant is no longer entitled to her seat.  The goal of Hundreds Unit is to workout to PERFORM, and not to sell tickets at discounted rates to the general public.


  • Hundreds Unit reserves the right to deny or revoke the membership of any potential or existing participants.  Factors that could lead to such action include: disruptiveness, or any threat to the integrity of The Hundreds Unit.

  • Hundreds Unit and anyone affiliated with the organization is not responsible for any injuries, illness, or death related to participants during any of our sessions. Upon purchasing a registration, the participant has waived the right to hold Hundreds Unit and its affiliates, owners, choreographers, and dancers accountable should injury, illness, or death occur. Participation with The Hundreds Unit is at the registrant’s own risk.

  • The Hundreds Unit does NOT provide child care.  We advise against bringing children below the age of 12 to rehearsals.  Children must also  have a waiver signed by their parents/guardians.


  • Hundreds Unit rehearsals and social media secret pages are closed, and reserved for participants only.

  • Participants must comply with the dress code of the performances, and rules and regulations associated with a performance. In the event that a registrant does not, it could lead to an inability to participate in a given event!

  • During rehearsals, food, drinks besides water, gum and the like are prohibited, as it threatens ones safety.


The Hundreds  Team


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