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Are you ready?

Let's have FUN, get SEXY, and PERFORM like the SUPER STARS WE ARE! Don't miss the next train! It's moving at astronomical speeds‼️‼️‼️😱


Upon arrival, Hundreds Unit will set the event off with a performance to be REMEMBERED!


Let's get in shape, physically, spiritually, mentally, and relationally!!


Your registration for this event gets you 7 weeks of fun, fitness and friends.  You are sure to see a transformation as you train in weekly 3-hour intense dance workouts with Sacramento's finest choreographers and fitness professionals. Your all-inclusive registration of $125 includes

So what does your low registration include ⁉️

  • Access to a first-class dance/fitness facility for rehearsals

  • Weekly 3-hour dance and fitness sessions

  • Mid-week optional reharsals for those who desire extra workout or more instruction time

  • Participation in a photo and Video shoot to create lasting memories

  • Exclusive Hundreds Unit performance T-shirt.

  • Possible participation in outreach/exposure activities e.g. commercials, TV features, radio interviews, etc.

  • Networking with hundreds of women from all segments in our community

Come make history with us! We dance and workout to perform at MAJOR events in the region.  We come together in unity to break barriers, build bonds and believe in a future of peace and togetherness.  Don't waste time! Guarantee your slot in UNIT 9!

Rehearsal Schedule

Official rehearsals will be held on the following dates.  The location for all rehearsals will be announced well in advance of the first rehearsal. Location and schedule might change due to space availability.

      Fitness Republic-Natomas

      1900 Del Paso Road
      Sacramento, CA 95835

  • Schedule to be determined!

  • June 9, 2018 PERFORMANCE DAY


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